Scott Thornbury

I’d like to thank Scott, from the bottom of my heart, for agreeing to be the “baptising priest”! I’m sure he’d appreciate more gratitude from you all, too, and, just as he says, curiosity and feedback motivate him immensely. I had loads of questions to ask Scott, but we didn’t want the video to go on for too long. So, perhaps if we can motivate him sufficiently, he’ll come back to grace our screens again…

Thanks for popping by.

Scott Thornbury’s bio:

I teach on an MA TESOL program for the New School, New York, and live in Spain. I am the author of a number of books on language and methodology, including How to Teach Grammar, How to Teach Vocabulary and How To Teach Speaking (Pearson), and Uncovering Grammar, Beyond the Sentence and An A-Z of ELT (all published by Macmillan). My latest book, Teaching Unplugged (Delta Publishing, co-written with Luke Meddings) won a British Council Innovations award in 2010. I am currently the series editor for the Cambridge Handbooks for Teachers.

My teacher training duties involve teaching courses in methodology and pedagogical grammar, both on-line and face-to-face, for the New School MA TESOL program. I also run workshops, and give talks and webinars, on a regular basis, and of a primarily practical nature, as well as moderating a very active blog for teachers (

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  1. zümrüt çimeli

    Dear Mr.Thornbury,
    I have been highly impressed by every word you shared with us in İstanbul,İSTEK ELT CONF.2011,and would be so happy to follow anything from you anywhere, so am following you at close qurters, wishing you all the best..greetings from Turkey.

  2. ‘Language learning and language use are situated, contextualised, social and personalised and this should reflect on the way that we teach it.’
    Time to get a tattoo. Bit long?

  3. For those interested, Scott used Windows Live Movie Maker to record the interview.

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