Joel Josephson

Strictly speaking, Joel isn’t a teacher, but having been involved in education for so long, and, add to that, his constant presence in education networks, he’s been taken to be just another one of us. His involvement with the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme also means he’s well-known in European education circles. So, I was curious as to how and why he got dragged into the education sector.

If you know Joel, you will know that he’s always had a finger in every pie, hardly ever stopping; as a matter of fact, as we speak, he’s got a dozen or so projects in the pipeline. So, we spoke of his beloved Kindersite and some of his pet projects.

If you wish to know more of what Joel is involved in, there are links in his bio below. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just leave a comment, and we’ll get back to you.

We apologise for the poor quality of the video. Thanks, Joel, for talking to me!


Joel Josephson is the founder of the Kindersite project and initiator/partner in 17 innovative European language projects. He is well-known for his exciting and effective approaches to motivate language learners. EU projects he initiated include:

aPLaNet :
EuroLib :
Web2.0ERC :

Joel founded and runs the EU_Educators Facebook group, which is sharing EU projects globally. He also founded the Kindersite Project, an early-learning website, one of the first effective sites for schools.

Formerly involved in high tech at the start of the Internet era, he had two successful start-ups and consulted to technology companies. He has brought his understanding of technology into education by initiating many interesting projects, incorporating innovative uses of ICT.

Joel Josephson on Chiew Pang's interview blog iasku


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  1. Great interview, Joel! It’s lovely to see your passion for education shine through. I feel so lucky to be involved in the aPLaNet project.

  2. Julie Raikou

    Hi, Joel & Chiew!

    Another good choice, Chiew!

    My sons have flown the nest so it’s great to have Sunday to catch up with interviews. Hope Joel is playing with his children as we speak or reading ‘The Gruffalo’! Joel, the days have been full since ISTEK. Finally meeting Anna V tmrw. Can you believe it..we live in the same town!

    Good to see your smile,if but vaguely..


    • Thanks Julie; I’m slowly going through my list – there are so many I’d like to speak to! Well, slow & steady, like they say 🙂

  3. Thank you for the kind comments, Julie and Marisa. As you know I feel extremely lucky to have been introduced and work with such a great team in aPLaNet too.


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