Chia Suan Chong

You might have seen her at recent IATEFL conferences, or perhaps at a chic café in Covent Garden, with her sociolinguistical cap on, eavesdropping on conversations of unsuspecting tourists and locals alike…

but what do you really know about the effervescent Chia Suan?

Watch on and find out!


Chia Suan Chong is a graduate in Communication Studies and a teacher and teacher trainer at International House London. She has spoken at several conferences about Dogme and coursebook-less classrooms, English as a Lingua Franca, and Systemic Functional Grammar, and has an MA in Applied Linguistics. She is interested in teaching approaches and methodologies, especially in Sociolinguistics, and is fascinated with the interplay between culture, communication, language and thought. She speaks English and Mandarin as her first language, and Japanese, Italian and Spanish as her second, and loves a good debate over a pint at the pub. Chia is also an active Twitter user under the username ‘chiasuan’ and blogs regularly at

Chia Suan Chong on Chiew's iasku interview blog

Technical Info

Recordings were made with a CANON SLR and Acer Crystal Eye webcam + cheapo Roycan headset. Editing was done on Windows Live Movie Maker. Music: Excuse Me Mister (written by Ben Harper) performed by the late great John Martyn from his album, The Church With One Bell.

About Chiew

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.

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  1. Loving these interviews, and getting to know PLN gems a bit better. Thanks Chiew and Chia !

    Chia, I look forward to a nice pint one day ! Sociolinguistics debate, half in chinese, half in english, 好吧 ? 哇噻。。。到了噢周当孙悟空演员 ! Ok… never mind… only the jokes in chinese, otherwise, the debate would be a bunch of blah blah on my part. 🙂

  2. Thanks Brad! And thanks Chiew for offering me this chance to er…talk at length about me me me… ; )
    I definitely look forward to that Sociolinguistics pint, Brad. And Chiew, he’s saying, ‘Ok? Wow amazing…came to Europe to be an actress for Monkey (Sun Wu Kong from the Journey to the West)! Hopefully, that’s an accurate translation….

    • Cheers Chia. Perfect translation (of course) I don’t think folks could ever understand how big the Monkey King is in the East.

      Love all the different versions/shows/comics/movies I’ve seen… classic 🙂 But the book is the best of all ( read w/ translation into english on one side— very cool )

  3. Amazing experience, thanks for this video and sharing

  4. What a great piece! ❤ it

  5. Hi Chia!
    I really loved your interview, it’s of great help to those choosing to teach in another country. The story of your life so far could be an example and a motivation for anyone who dare not to move on! I guess it’s all because the artistic personality, I can tell from myself (as a previous photographer) that arts definetely make people more open-minded and adaptable to any circumstances,you’re more sensitive and curious about other cultures, languages, even students personalities. Just like the way you did in the Uk and switched off careers…You showed us the way to move from step to step, first as a teacher, then taking a training course and finally following a dream, a MB.
    I think Chiew as an interviewer inspires and manages to get the most of one’s self.
    Congratulations to both of you!
    Chiew! can’t wait for more…
    Thanks a lot!!!!!

    • Thanks, Nora; it’s always heartening to hear one’s work being appreciated 🙂
      And…more are coming soon!

    • Thanks so much Nora for your encouraging comments. I’m really glad to hear that the interview could reach out to people who are keen to uproot themselves and emigrate, or people who want to change careers. And yes, Chiew’s interview questions really did bring out lots of what you saw… Thanks Chiew!

  6. Wow, these videos are going from strength to strength. Very interesting 🙂

    • Thanks Sharon! I can only but try to improve, and I’d set myself a high target starting it all off with Scott! Nothing ever moves on a plane forever, so I hope viewers don’t get disappointed when things move downwards sometimes! If and when they do go down, I can only promise they will go up again!

  7. I just loved this. “Use the students as the resource.” This will be my motto!

    And yes, Chia, we “value you very highly in the west”. :^ )

  8. Nice term: improvised principled eclecticism.

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