RSCON3: 3rd Reform Symposium e-Conference 29th – 31st July 2011


Although this blog is exclusively dedicated to video interviews, this worthy cause deserves a mention, so I have no qualms in plugging it here. Besides, Shelly (the last interviewee) mentioned it, and it’s something no teacher should miss. If you still haven’t heard of it, save yourself some embarrassment and carry on reading!


In a few days, about 8000 educators from over 40 different countries are expected to attend a free 3-day virtual conference, The Reform Symposium, #RSCON3. This award-nominated e-conference is going to take place on 29-31 July 2011. Participants can attend this online conference from the comfort of their homes or anywhere that has Internet access. This amazing conference provides all educators, be they new or currently active on social networks, the opportunity to connect with other teachers and professionals in the field of education worldwide. With over 12 Keynote speakers, 80 presenters, and 3 keynote panel discussions, you are bound to be inspired!


I’d like to thank the incredible organizers – Shelly Terrell, Kelly Tenkely, Chris Rogers, Lisa Dabbs, Melissa Tran, Clive Elsmore, Mark Barnes, Ian Chia, Cecilia Lemos, Jerry Blumengarten, and Kyle Pace – and Steve Hargadon of Classroom 2.0, The Future of Education, EdTech Live, etc. for making this incredible conference possible.



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  1. Hi Chiew,

    Just posted a link to this on the TeachingEnglish facebook page if you’d like to check for comments.

    Please feel free to post there when you have anything you’d like to share.



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