Brad Patterson

Most of us know the irrepressible Brad Patterson, if not in person, then as a valued member of our PLN. I don’t remember when I first met Brad, but what I remember was that one of the first things we talked about was martial art! I would have liked to talk to him about this, or his culinary skills, or his frequent sojourns into the wilderness, but, in the end, I decided that his educational stories would be more appropriate to this blog’s content. So, here’s our intimate conversation for the world to see & enjoy!

If you’ve got any questions you’d like to ask Brad (or me), just post a comment below & we’ll try our best to respond. So, who would you like to see next?



I’ve been a language-lover from a very young age and have travelled extensively immersing myself in as many new language environments as possible.  I’ve taught English in private language schools off and on for the past 10 years, and just recently returned from 3 years at Jinan University which is smack in between Beijing and Shanghai.  Previously, I jumped around quite a bit professionally working as a chef, a massage therapist and in violin repair.
I’ve never owned a bed, though I have pieces of my heart spread out across the globe in the form of books shared with friends in every place I’ve visited.
These days, I continue to work with language and intercultural projects splitting my time between Edulang where I’m the social media manager, and working for my family violin business as a Chinese-English interpreter. I love being outdoors, taking off on a hiking or cycling adventure, and losing myself in the moment.




About Chiew

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.

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  1. One of my faves! Brad – it’s great to see you in a stripped down interview that’s of quality length. I think you’re amazing for your passion for languages and for the products you represent. Although I know it’s never too late to learn them, I envy your multilingualism. Hope to Skype with you soon, brother.

  2. Hi Chiew and Brad, that was an excellent interview. I have imagined Brad as a modern “Indiana Jones” from perspective of learning and teaching languages. And I agree with you Chiew he is multitalented, I still remember his youtube video as a stand up comedian in front of Chinese students. So, who knows “what’s next” or as Brad says “What’s now” for him? Congrats to you both, sending hugs from Croatia! 🙂

    • Hi Mari, I’m sure he’s Indiana to a lot of his students, too! Ha, Indiana Brad.

    • Merci Mari !

      (That’s a cool avatar photo… where were you biking?)

      😉 I went to Indiana university… if that counts for Indy Jones points ! To be honest, I’ve always been attracted to adventure and hope there are a few more ahead. Likewise, I am a big joker and think it’s a great way to solidify social ties, be it with students, friends or family.

      Thanks for the hugs and right back at ya !

  3. Hi Brad and Chiew,

    A nice way to spend Sunday morning. What an interesting and talented bunch TEFL teachers are! Brad you look so comfortable on screen, I’m sure your students love you…smart, funny and of course with the ability to string a bow. Thanks guys,

    • Hi Leahn,

      Yeah, he does look so awfully cool, doesn’t he? He’s the envy of us all!

    • Hey Leahn. Thanks so much. I do have a great time in the classroom. 😉

      It’s such a great opportunity to be able to explore our professional interests and finally settle into a field (or fields) that we really enjoy.

      PS… i should’ve included an outtake or two to show you how I repeated a few of these shots to work towards coherent and comfortable ! LOL

  4. Thanks Brad. What a very interesting interview. Not only do you have so many strings to your bow but you can fix it too! Thanks Chiew.

  5. Very interesting initiative, Chiew: engaging conversation and high quality editing. Great interview with much-admired language adventurer tweep B. Patterson; it is so uncommon to find a native English speaker so fond of learning foreign languages… BTW, if I’d watched this interview before travelling to Vietnam, I would have thought about it twice before hiring a motorbike in Hanoi. Same hideous traffic .

    • Thanks Paco! Traffic is generally awful in the old big cities in Asia – Bangkok, Jakarta, Denpasar…mopeds & bicycles fighting for some space with the larger vehicles, and not to mention the hordes trying to make it to the other side of the road! Hope to see you here more often!

  6. [muted giggle]

    We’ll have to step up the tempo somehow next time otherwise it’s the same ol’ cheese 🙂

    @Ty Thanks dude. I feel lucky to have found a professional path that really pushes my interest and keeps me charged. As Chuck Sandy says, “it’s infectious”. Skype anytime, man. I’m game ! (Plus we’ve been saying it for months now, so let’s get onboard !)

  7. Bradcito!!! Me encanto ver esta entrevista! Tu y tu cuate se ven y escuchan super!!
    Sabes, así conozco mas de ti! Y bueno, a decir verdad no conocía de esta pasion por aprender y enseñar Idiomas, que interesante saber de tu proceso en China para aprender ese idioma, tan complicado! Nada mas de escucharte me han dado ganas de poner mas atención en retomar y mejorar ingles y grances! Mirare tus links en la web para saber de tus productos.
    Un abrazote al adorable massage therapist!!

    • Aya, Pati ! Que chido que has visto esa entrevista 😉 Voy hablando de cuando fuera massage therapist, y pronto viene mi maestra de masaje ! Non mammes !

      Gracias por tus palabras bien “kind” y tu ya sabes que tengo muchas ganas de volver por allà en mexico… pues vamos veyendo lo que el futuro nos regala, non !

      besos bradcitos

  8. mas que decir!, Me gusta que puedo escuchar y entender perfectamente Ingles! Hablas muy bien en ingles!!!! jaja, quiero decir, hablas muy claro!

    y entonces next, soon, China!! Bueno a ver si una de esas, Mexico!!!!

  9. “what’s now?”
    love it – THE question 🙂
    thanks both

  10. Hi Brad,
    Great interview, and nice to get to know you and your amazing language learning abilities a bit better. 🙂

  11. What a pleasure to listen to the interview – both informative and amusing! (Though where did the cooking phase disappear to?)
    I liked the questions you chose Chiew! You kept the interview on an even keel.
    Look forward to hearing from you, Brad, while you are in China, too!

    • Thanks Naomi. Well, the cooking bit…has to wait until I get to Paris…eh, Bad Brad? 😉 Or is it Bread Brad?

      • It’s just Brad… but even Brad ain’t the best when you leave in France… if you BRADe something, you sell it for cheap: If you make it to Paris, Chiew, you’re officially invited to a feast 😉

        @naomi merci 4 the kind words 😉 I don’t think I’ll be online at all for 2 weeks. Super busy and super tiring. But I’ll make sure to take pics and keep in mind what my best stories to share are !

  12. Hi Chiew and Brad

    What a great, quality interview this is. Thank you so much for sharing it with us all! I really enjoyed viewing it in different stages. I am amazed at your multi talents, Brad. Speaking Chinese fluently is an awesome achievement, plus all your other languages too. Very impressive! “Indiana Brad” sounds fitting to describe the adventurous, fun-loving side of you.
    Congrats to you both 🙂

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