Blog Challenge – This is my truth!

This is a video response to Dave Dodgson’s blog challenge, where we are invited to say 5 facts about ourselves, but two of which are lies. Then, we, in turn, invite our readers/viewers to identify the lies.

This, apart from it being fun, has a significant pedagogical value. Truth or Lie has been a rather popular activity in the EFL classrooms all around the world, but why you don’t take it a step further, considering what a techy world we’re living in right now?

Invite your students to do what Dave & I have done – ask them to record themselves telling us five things about themselves – 3 are true, and two aren’t. Play it to the class and the rest have to guess. Also, as Dave suggested in his post, put them in the spot and allow the others the chance to ask questions. If you haven’t read the post, I’d suggest you do it now!

I also explained how this activity could be used in the CLIL classroom. Click here to see it.


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  1. Hmmm, interesting entry but tough to figure out the lies… Maybe the mask did it’s job well. πŸ™‚

    You don’t seem old enough to me to have audtioned for Dire Straits before they were famous but I’m not sure about the other one…

    What make of computer did you use to work on?

    • Dave, if I were to tell you how old I am, you’d flip! Dave & Mark were arguing even then!
      Make of computer..mmm…smart question…well, ICL, then HP… πŸ˜‰

  2. This had me smiling from ear to ear all the way through. Good job. With your love of music (love the John Martyn intro for iasku) I think Dire straits made a big mistake in not hiring you. Especially if you had played with that mask on.
    As for the lies, I’m going for the kung fu/martial arts one and the Indonesian restaurant venture.

  3. Stumbled across this from twitter – what a super video, love the mask – so hard to tell which are the lies but I think I’d go for dire straits and the restaurant. Hmm feel the need to join in…..

  4. What an awesome video! I love the mask! Dire Straits…didn’t know you were a musical genius Chiew! What an awesome challenge from Dave!

  5. Hi Chiew

    Really enjoyed listening to your 5 facts! For me,

    Number 1 is False – Don’t think you trained with Dire Straits
    Number 2 is True – I think you have been a computer programmer, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to create so many fab games on your website
    Number 3 is True – you might have had a restaurant in Soho, why not?
    Number 4 is True – Maybe you’ve never been to Ireland
    Number 5 is False – you haven’t trained with Bruce Lee’s trainer!

    Now the thing is, have I guessed any of them correctly??

    Look forward to finding out soon πŸ™‚

  6. My two guesses that require a bit more explanation:
    1. Why didn’t you have a drum kit if you were interested in drumming?
    2. Which programming language did you predominantly use? Basic? Turing?


  7. Love the mask too.
    I think 1 isn’t true – I agree with Seburnt and your reply to him confirmed my suspicions and I think 4 isn’t true – not sure why but I think you didn’t sound convincing, but who knows? You do!

    • Haha, if I was broke, how could I afford a drum set? What I didn’t mention was I’d recently moved to London, so I wouldn’t have been lugging a drum kit around even if I had one! In any case, even before moving, I’d never owned one – always managed to borrow/hire one, and we would rehearse in studios…
      As for #4, that was the Ireland one, wasn’t it? Mmm, I didn’t sound convincing…does that mean I have a trace of Irish accent? πŸ˜‰

  8. Hi Chiew!!!

    Like everyone else, I love the mask – nice touch! Can’t see your eyes very well or facial expressions that might give you away… very smart!

    I think the Dire Straits bit and the programming are lies. First because like Dave, I don’t think you look old enough to have had the chance to audition for them before they became famous. And my second guess actually came after reading the comments – you don’t seem all that familiar with the programming languages. Or is that too a tactic to throw us off?

    πŸ˜‰ Great one!

    • Haha, this is fun. Like I said to Dave, my age is a closely-guarded secret! The mask served to cover the aging wrinkles, too!
      As regards programming languages, you all must realise that I was programming before the dawn of the Internet; otherwise, it would have been unlikely that I was so damn poor! And, unfortunately, I still am. 😦 Poor, I mean.

  9. I think that you like music but I donΒ΄t see you with a drums, perhaps a
    guitar. You are very slow for martials arts. Just another day I argued with Mimi about you indefiniti age.

  10. Ha, ha – I made it back here to watch. Superb video and mask. I think you have been to Ireland, you definitely auditioned for Dire Straits, you didn’t train with Bruce Lee’s trainer!

    • So glad to hear you’ve got Internet installed now! Hope the connection’s good & you’ll be able to watch these interviews of some fab people!
      Mmm, glad to see that you have enough faith of my ability to believe in the audition! Truth will be out in a day or so!

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