Blog Challenge: Let The Truth Be Known!

It’s time to let the cat out of the bag!  Oh, do forgive me for not having closed the windows! Good for listening practice, though: what sounds can you hear? Haha. Oh, and there’s another thing – I wanted to mention a piece of trivia , but I forgot…

Do you know that Mark Knopfler has a degree in English (University of Leeds)? Well, now, you do!



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  1. I was really looking forward to some manic air drumming at the beginning Chiew, most disappointed. 😉

    • Adam, Dave, Believe it or not I did it at first – Tried to overdub some ‘manic’ drumming on a COURSEBOOK over Money For Nothing, but found I would have needed more time to fiddle about with sound volume, etc. In the end, I chucked it. Sorry 😦

      However, YouTube warned me over a copyright problem with the Money for Nothing – I don’t know what software they use to identify music, really – so people from USA may not be able to watch the video. If I hear enough complaints, I may very well produced some manic drumming on a COURSEBOOK to accompany it! 😉

      There are some uses for coursebooks, you know! 😉

      • Anthony Gaughan

        “There are some uses for coursebooks, you know!”

        Funny how their authors rarely seem to be in Dire Straits, though…

        (To quote another famous drummer at this point may be apposite: “Hello – I must be going…”)

  2. Hi Chiew
    Got one right then and like you say it was lots of fun. Off to reveal my truths now …

  3. Haha – I’m with Adam on that one. I saw the drumsticks in the snapshot and thought ‘here we go’. 😉

    Thanks for this great contribution Chiew! It’s been a fun challenge.

  4. big fan of this song, and its place in the time period.

    would love to hear u drum, or air drum at some point. best from china, brad

    • Haha, seems like a fair few are rather masochistic! Who would have imagined! Must think of something… 😉 Hope you’re having a whale of time there! Enjoy the food!

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