The Edublog Awards 2011

Vote for me! Vote for me!

I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised when some of you nominated this blog for the annual Edublog awards (Sandy Millin even nominated me for best personal tweeter – bless your heart, Sandy! – but unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the finals in that category). Edublogs have now published the shortlist for all the categories, and I’m terribly honoured, and excited, to see that iasku are included in two categories: Best new blog and Best use of media.

I feel truly exuberant when I browse through the list of finalists, and see so many “friends”, and some in more than one category: Brad Patterson, Scott Thornbury, Ceri Jones, Jason Renshaw, Dale Coulter, Mike Harrison, Ozge, Noor, Karenne, Nik, Eva, Barbara, Cecilia, Vicky, etc, etc.

There are also names I’m unfamiliar with, but will try to find time to check them out.

I was perhaps feeling a little down, and haven’t been that productive here lately, but being on these lists, among the best in education right now, serves as an added motivation, if I’m ever in need of it.

I’m sure everyone agrees that the mere fact of being named is already a prize, but a few votes won’t do any harm, will they? 😉 Voting is open until 11:59 pm US Eastern Standard Time on Tuesday, 13th December.

Thanks once again for all your support, and a very big special thank you to all interviewees, past, present and future!


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  1. Good luck in both categories, Chiew!

  2. Good luck Chiew, and I wish you’d made it to best individual tweeter too 🙂 Oh well!

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