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Blog Challenge: Let The Truth Be Known!

It’s time to let the cat out of the bag!  Oh, do forgive me for not having closed the windows! Good for listening practice, though: what sounds can you hear? Haha. Oh, and there’s another thing – I wanted to mention a piece of trivia , but I forgot…

Do you know that Mark Knopfler has a degree in English (University of Leeds)? Well, now, you do!




Blog Challenge – This is my truth!

This is a video response to Dave Dodgson’s blog challenge, where we are invited to say 5 facts about ourselves, but two of which are lies. Then, we, in turn, invite our readers/viewers to identify the lies.

This, apart from it being fun, has a significant pedagogical value. Truth or Lie has been a rather popular activity in the EFL classrooms all around the world, but why you don’t take it a step further, considering what a techy world we’re living in right now?

Invite your students to do what Dave & I have done – ask them to record themselves telling us five things about themselves – 3 are true, and two aren’t. Play it to the class and the rest have to guess. Also, as Dave suggested in his post, put them in the spot and allow the others the chance to ask questions. If you haven’t read the post, I’d suggest you do it now!

I also explained how this activity could be used in the CLIL classroom. Click here to see it.