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Luke Meddings: unplugged subversion

Hi folks! It’s been an awful long time, hasn’t it? To break the “fast” is yet another familiar name on most of our list, Luke Meddings, co-author of the bible of Dogme, “Teaching Unplugged” (with Scott Thornbury) and the first offering from The Round, “52: a year of subversive activity for the ELT classroom” (with Lindsay Clandfield).

This interview’s actually been a long time coming, but not only just before IATEFL Glasgow that we managed to do it. I’ve enjoyed putting it together and I hope you all will like it, too. Stay till the end – there’s a little surprise!


Luke Meddings is a teacher, author and teacher trainer. In 2000 he co-founded the Dogme in ELT movement with Scott Thornbury, and their book Teaching Unplugged (Delta Publishing, 2009) won a British Council ELTon Award for Innovation in 2010. In 2011, together with Lindsay Clandfield, he started The Round, an e-publishing collective; their e-book 52: a year of subversive activity for the ELT classroom has just been published.

Luke’s “neglected” blog:

Luke’s Twitter handle: @LukeMeddings

Teaching Unplugged can be bought here or here.

52 can be bought here or here.

For the geeks:

I used:

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS62
Quicktime Pro v7.7 (1680.34)
AVS Video Editor v5.2.0.169
Audacity 2.0.0
Acer Aspire 5742

Nicky Hockly

Most of you would already know Nicky, if not on Cyberland, then from The Consultants-E, or have seen her running around one of the IATEFL conferences. But, do you know that this power techno guru used to be a technophobe? Yes, you read right! So, I just had to talk to her about that, hadn’t I? Of course, at the same time, I had to ask her how we could convince people like how she used to be. Of those, I’m sure we know more than a fair few. Watch this video and hear what Nicky has to say! A hint, I can’t resist… She mentioned something on Wordle. If you’d like to stretch your imagination on the use of Wordle to the max, do read my post A Wordle of Tricks and Ideas.

And, Nicky, I agree with you 100% on the IWBs… and thank you kindly (as Mick Jagger would say) for taking time off your hectic schedule to do this interview.



Nicky is the Director of Pedagogy of The Consultants-E, and has been involved in EFL teaching and training since 1987. Her most recent book is Teaching Online (Delta Publishing 2010), written with Lindsay Clandfield. She specialises in online teaching and training via virtual learning environments such as Moodle, but is also interested in the application of ICT in the language classroom.
Find out more about Nicky on the Consultants-E website and on her blog E-moderation Station. You can follow her on Twitter as well: @TheConsultantsE
Video info:
Nicky recorded the video on a Flip camera, and then put it together in Windows movie maker. She resisted the temptation to add a Star Wars soundtrack. 🙂

Interview with Nicky Hockly on Chiew's IAskU